· Apr 4, 2021

Running cache from external drive

Has anyone tried to install cache on an external flash drive?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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@Mike Minor 
I just installed a full instance on WIN10. boooooring slow!!
If you don't disable AutoStart @ Boot in the config Win reacts rather confused.
Especially if your drive has changed by dynamics from F : -> D: or similar.
In addition, a lot of info is saved in  Win-Registry. angry

Overall performance is not a thrill but acceptable

Next trouble: Dismount of the flash drive. Painful

My strong recommendation: Use a Docker container instead.  Example here CrossECP-Cache
Then you are really mobile and fast

I have.

As Robert mentioned - disk I/O is one issue.  And the other issue is drive letter changes if the drive is moved between hosts (for example - the 'Journal File Location' pat set to D:\ in one instance - then drive 'D:' not found when the flash drive is moved between hosts.)  This can be overcome with scripts of sorts (potentially) - though I haven't tried to do that.