in our system we usually display an information if someone locks data that another user tries to edit. Like: "Data locked by <user>/<program>"

We have a global that is set at userlogin with following information:

^BA020(0,3,$job) = "<user>;<program>"

We show that information by getting the jobnr/owner from the locktable ^$LOCK("<ref>","OWNER") and looking at ^BA020.

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somehow my installation on win10 canceled during finish. "Installation of Caché finished" showed up for 20 minutes and canceled with an error I didn't saved.

Every file and service was installed but never registered as successfull installation. Now I try to reinstall it but the installer shows me everytime "Another installation is already in progress. Please finish the second installation first".

The unfinished installation is broken. I can't startup Caché from launcher. So I deleted everything in c:/intersystems

Things I already tried:

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· Jul 4, 2017
Atelier & Git?


we are trying to use Atelier and GitLab for our Software-development. Our Software has round about 1000 classes that got developed over years.

What we want to achieve is that one repository holding the complete code of one namespace. We also want to create branches to develop new small parts.

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>/tmp/compilew.log &>/tmp/compilew.log ; tail /tmp/compilew.log

to redirect the output to the stdout. Somehow the javac has wierd behavior with the output on errors and verbose information.


i want the JAVA-Projections and wrappers to compile after Caché created the files. The creation of the files works 100%.

My addition to createProjection in our Projectionclass is following:

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