· Mar 14, 2016

[SOLVED] Compiling projections after creating



>/tmp/compilew.log &>/tmp/compilew.log ; tail /tmp/compilew.log

to redirect the output to the stdout. Somehow the javac has wierd behavior with the output on errors and verbose information.


i want the JAVA-Projections and wrappers to compile after Caché created the files. The creation of the files works 100%.

My addition to createProjection in our Projectionclass is following:

if ($g(%jrodebug)=1) {
!,"DEVICE : "_$g(%qdev)
!,"$IO : "_$IO
#dim cPathTranslated = $tr(classname,".","/")
#dim cClassnamePath = $p(cPathTranslated,"/",1,$l(cPathTranslated,"/")-1)_"/"
#dim cClassname = $p(cPathTranslated,"/",$l(cPathTranslated,"/"))
//w !,"Classname=" _ cClassname
//w !,"Path= "_cClassnamePath
!,"-----JAVA Kompiler Aufruf-----"
!,"javac /pum/pmssys/system7/java/cache/wrappers/"_cClassnamePath_"Execute"_cClassname_"* -d /pum/online/system7/JSP/WEB-INF/classes/.",!
!,"javac /pum/pmssys/system7/java/cache/projections/"_cClassnamePath_cClassname_".java -d /pum/online/system7/JSP/WEB-INF/classes/.",!
#dim wrappercomp = "sudo -u root ssh /usr/bin/javac /pum/pmssys/system7/java/cache/wrappers/"_cClassnamePath_"Execute"_cClassname_"* -d /pum/online/system7/JSP/WEB-INF/classes/."
#dim projcomp = "sudu -u root ssh /usr/bin/javac /pum/pmssys/system7/java/cache/projections/"_cClassnamePath_cClassname_".java -d /pum/online/system7/JSP/WEB-INF/classes/."
#dim tSatz, tSatz2
#dim olddev = $IO
wrappercomp tSatz olddev !,tSatz

Problem is as soon as I want to read the output of javac using "u wrappercomp" Studio getting a network error. 

I don't know why I can write the "-----JAVA " stuff out to console and can't read the output of the javac and writing it out to the Studio. 

Here is the output in Studio if I quit right after the $IO debugging outputs:

Compilation started on 03/14/2016 16:42:01 with qualifiers 'cukfv /checkuptodate=expandedonly'
Compiling class Online.Queries.PerQueries3
Compiling table Online_Queries.PerQueries3
Compiling routine Online.Queries.PerQueries3.1
Generating Java Binding: /pum/pmssys/system7/java/cache/projections/Online/Queries/
Generating S7 Wrappers for Online.Queries.PerQueries3...
...access class: PerQueries3
...selects: Angebotssuche KalenderSubmissionAktuell KalenderTermineJeZeitraum VersandadressenJeAuftragsmappe
DEVICE : |TCP|1972|28274
$IO : |TCP|1972|28274
Compilation finished successfully in 1.064s.

Any ideas?

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If your READ from wrappercomp raises an error (e.g. end of file) you don't have anything in place to catch this error, CLOSE wrappercomp and USE olddev once more. I suggest you add some code (for example a TRY/CATCH block) to do this, and also to tell you what the error was. That information might help you find out why the wrappercomp pipe didn't work as you expected.