Thanks, sorry I did not mention, I have looked into that file but it does not give me a clue how to solve:


*** Recovery started at Thu Nov 16 19:23:55 2017
     Current default directory: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr
     Log file directory: .\
     WIJ file spec: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ
Recovering local (c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ) image journal file...
Starting WIJ recovery for 'c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ'.
WIJ file not found.
Exiting with status 3 (Success)
11/16/17-19:24:05:505 (9024) 2 cache.ids file was created by node 139407LINOLP, and this machine is W1064PRO1511
11/16/17-19:24:11:537 ( 8496) 3 cctrl.dll (error during startup):(289) Opstarten cache mislukt: besturingsproces van cache is abnormaal beëindigd (afsluitcode = 0).

Thank you Vitaliy, it works, I do now see what I have missed.

Hi Vitaliy,

Thanks for you're response and code sample!

However I still have the behavior.

Could I be the issue that I am using a datacontroller / datamodel?

I am interested in the solution for reason that I do use a lot of similar forms.

see code:

Could the issue be something with the dataBinding?

Sorry I do not know how to present the sample code as you do!

I would like to return a "No Data message" but why does the write statement not work?,

while the documentation is full of examples with the statement in it?

This was the code snippet I have used:


I am now looking how the get a "No data returned" message into my Form

Thank you Eduard!

Now it works. This is the code:

My only comment is that the -not working- code a (100%) sample is from the documentation, which makes it sometimes confusing...


Hi Stephen and Timothy, Real nice feature, but how does it work when the datasource of the tablepane is a query instead of the table?

Adding the TotalMatrix (Transient) property to the query resulted in an Error:

Suggestions appreciated!

Thanks Michael and Stephen for you're response:

I am using 2016.2.0 windows x86-64

I did try to 'simplify ' and exclude fields in the sql statement without results: