Good point. In the example I gave, the request is forwarded to a business process which has a job ID.

In VS Code, you can create a debugger launch configuration for your API endpoint. Set the "request" attribute to "attach" and the "processID" attribute to the job ID of the production component that services your API. Set breakpoints and run this configuration. Then when a request arrives, you can debug the service and endpoints while viewing the REST request contents.

Here is a reference video; example starts at 4:00.

Sergei's picture shows a menu located in the InterSystems View. The ISC logo for that view appears on the left of VS Code once you have a ObjectScript connection. You can configure Export settings, to an extent, as {objectscript.export: {}} in workspace or user settings.

See the README on the repository:

And a few more learning materials:

Ikara, No problem!

I have already contacted documentation about this. I agree; the current language is ambiguous.

You are getting an"invalid JSON" error because the JSON you're POSTing is itself the OpenAPI 2.0 JSON Schema File. It defines how the standard works in JSON.

Instead, you'll need to post an OpenAPI document, abiding by those standards, defining your RESTful service.
More info here: