Davidson Espindola · Dec 1, 2021

web development

Hello everybody

I'm in need of a lot of help from you.
I work in a company with all system cached script, using global.

I need to develop web applications accessing the cache database, and global.

Could you help me indicate the best language option to develop web applications, and easier to access cache, and if possible send me some examples of applications accessing globals.

I thank you all.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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I think the recommended way to expose data nowdays would be via a REST API. The web application itself would be a framework of your choice. There is lots to choose from: Angular, React, Vue, name it!

It should be named that CSP does exist and is still supported, though the usage of CSP is discouraged. See here.

So, the main part to be done would be to write REST APIs for the data you want to access. There is a good documentation to be found here.

Once you got that, you can take a look at the REST API Template from the intersystems-community

In terms of security, you might want to check out this post about OAuth:

For general objectscript knowledge, you might want to try the learning path about developing server side applications here.

You can also launch a lab instance, an IRIS instance you can try out things in from here.

In general, checking out the open exchange for example applications if, of course, always a good idea!