· Feb 28, 2020
How to get a Numbers View

In T-SQL, I can create a recursive CTE to create a subquery or a view that will hold a whole lot of numbers. Is there a way to do this in Cache SQL? I'd like the numbers from 0 to 10000 if possible.


0 3
0 291

Let's say I start with a date range of '1-5-2019' to '5-25-2019' that occurs on one row. I'd like to ultimately have this show as 5 rows in Crystal Reports as shown below


1-5-2019 1-31-2019

2-1-2019 2-28-2019

3-1-2019 3-31-2019

4-1-2019 4-30-2019

5-1-2019 5-25-2019

I found a result that worked in T-SQL, but I'm not sure how to translate it to Cache SQL. The T-SQL code is

1 3
0 294