I created a Numbers table with a Numbers column.  I manually entered data from 0 to 99.  I was able to leverage this to give me my result...

SELECT N1."Number" * 100 + N2."Number" AS Num
FROM Numbers AS N1 

This gives data up to 9999.  I can easily add more rows if needed, but this should suffice for now.  

I believe I found the answer:

SELECT DATEADD("D", "Number", '2017-01-01') FROM Numbers
  WHERE "Number" BETWEEN 0 AND DATEDIFF("D", '2017-01-01', '2017-04-05')

Now I just need to expand my Numbers table.  I'm wondering if anyone has a view for this.  I'd like a numbers view between 0 and 10000.  I think that should be sufficient.  Feel free to answer here, but I'll start a new topic.