It says I'm not priveleged for this operation.  But thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for your reply.  I'm just able to use SQL code and tables for this.  I'm not sure if that was clear, but I don't have a way to insert or work with code like you had suggested. 

Thanks though!

I'm just using SQL to get this result.  I don't have a way to use other code.

I created a Numbers table with a Numbers column.  I manually entered data from 0 to 99.  I was able to leverage this to give me my result...

SELECT N1."Number" * 100 + N2."Number" AS Num
FROM Numbers AS N1 

This gives data up to 9999.  I can easily add more rows if needed, but this should suffice for now.  

I believe I found the answer:

SELECT DATEADD("D", "Number", '2017-01-01') FROM Numbers
  WHERE "Number" BETWEEN 0 AND DATEDIFF("D", '2017-01-01', '2017-04-05')

Now I just need to expand my Numbers table.  I'm wondering if anyone has a view for this.  I'd like a numbers view between 0 and 10000.  I think that should be sufficient.  Feel free to answer here, but I'll start a new topic.