First things first: /latest/ is a great idea!

Now, on to my personal feedback which is obviously biased: I am primarily a Java developer (with prior experience in C), and am seeking to know ObjectScript better... As such, I find that two things are fundamentally missing:

  • as mentioned in one of my other posts, a reference documentation of changes between the different versions of Caché (introduction of new classes; classes deprecated from n to n+1; changes in classes between n and n+1; or even new keywords): Java has @since, C has manpages and CONFORMING TO, which both give great, useful information... But there is no equivalent in COS documentation;
  • an official guide for coding guidelines.

All in all, this is rather a feedback on the content rather than the form; not sure whether this is what you expected, but here be dragons :p

I didn't know about ^SYS.MONLBL.

As to why unit testing, it's because unit testing is used along with code coverage: you run unit tests, and you check what parts of your production code is taken/non taken. Timings are indeed irrelevant.

The plan is to run unit tests with coverage activated, scan both the test results and monitoring results and collect the results.