Mike Henderson · Apr 17, 2016

Automatic block indent/dedent

In Atelier is there a way to configure automatic indent when typing open/close braces?  From what I've found this is usually left to the language (e.g. Java > Editors) but I couldn't find a setting under the Atelier preferences.

For reference, this is what Studio does:


And here is Atelier:


Notice the return after the open-brace doesn't indent and the close-brace doesn't unindent.

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Good catch!

And while we're at it, it'd be nice if it could also "dedent" preprocessor directives... Except for #dim.

It's quite confusing to see a #if something on the same level as a bona fide statement...

This feature is called (in eclipse terminology) the 'edit strategy'. This is planned work .

I just installed 1.3 and it still not there :O And Intersystems announced they won't be any enhancements from now on.

So I guess this is all we'll get.