· Jul 16, 2020
Ensemble namespace permission


I am attempting to set up a security role for our support team so they can have read access to the production and messages.

I have given the role RW rights on the resource associated with the database. However, when I log into Management Portal and select "Ensemble", the "Available Ensemble namespaces" list is empty.

What permissions do i need to set to be able to navigate to the production?

Thanks in advance,



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· Sep 17, 2019
DATEPART local date


I'm trying to run a query from Management Portal, to get a count of messages in 10 minute periods for analysis. I'm using DATEPART to pull the hour and minute portions, but the value being returned is the UTC value, rather than the actual value.


TimeCreated = '2019-09-10 23:01:45'

DATEPART(hh, TimeCreated) is returning 22 rather than 23.

How do i force DATEPART to return the correct display value?

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