Hi, thanks for replying.

I was a little too vague in the initial question. I have already given the role the below permissions, in addition to the database resource:

%Ens_Alerts RU
%Ens_ConfigItemRun R
%Ens_Dashboard RU
%Ens_EventLog RU
%Ens_LookupTables RU
%Ens_MessageContent RU
%Ens_MessageHeader RU
%Ens_MessageTrace RU
%Ens_Portal RU
%Ens_ProductionConfig R
%Ens_ProductionDocumentation RU
%Ens_ProductionRun R
%Ens_Queues RU
%Ens_SystemDefaultConfig RU
MPRL_Operation RWU

If i use a direct link to the production (i.e. EnsPortal.ProductionConfig.zen) i can get in, and see the production ok. I just can't navigate to it from the Management Portal landing page.