· Jun 2, 2020
Node.js fails to open database


My attempt to run a node.js command fails at the open command with a "Error loading Cache Library: C:/InterSystems/Cache2018/bin/cache.dll; Error Code 126 (The specified module could not be found.)" result. I can't argue with the error message as the cache.dll file doesn't exist. Apparently I missed an installation step. Could somebody point out what it might be please.

Version: Node.js Adaptor for Cache: Version: 1.1.136a (ABI=48)

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.4 (Build 504) Thu May 14 2020 14:31:34 EDT

0 2
0 236


I've got a csp page that has successfully set up a websocket connection to a Cache class. When the websocket object's close function is triggered at the browser I was expecting one of the class' methods to fire at the server. The onclose method is triggered at the browser but nothing at the server. Is a method supposed to fire at the server?



Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2015.1.4 (Build 803_6) Tue May 15 2018 12:08:36 EDT

0 4
0 1,022