Hi Robert,

Seeing as how I'm fighting the same issue (keeping mirror members synched, not code DBs though), what does the "Red Fire Button" refer to?



Thanks Pete.

I read the first 4 words of your reply and the heel of my hand slapped my forehead; I knew that. It works now. Again, many thanks.


Thanks Vic,

What I was looking for was a way to, in effect, swap which member was primary and which was backup. Taking your advice and re-reading the Automatic Failover Mechanics section of the docs I've decided that there is no need for my test.

Thanks again.


Thanks again Aohan.

I took a different approach. I overrode the .close() method at the browser with one that uses #server to send the "I'm closing" message to the Cache server. The message handler at the server then executes the EndServer method in the web socket class.

Thanks Aohan but still nothing.

At the browser I trigger ws.close()

At the server the web socket class' Server method executes quitting with $$$OK the  OnPostServer method does not execute.

Closing the connection from the server end by invoking the web socket object's EndServer method results in the OnPostServer method executing.

Maybe of importance, the websocket is asynchronous so when triggered from the browser's .close() the Server method is not invoking the EndServer method.