I'm looking for an SMS Texting solution that will implement easily with IRIS. Our company uses Twilio for our .Net applications but I'm hoping there might be something else available. If anyone has experience with this please let me know!



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I am creating an import tool to convert a client's JSON data into IRIS classes. The sample file is over half a gig. I am copying the data into an instance of %Stream.FileCharacter;. My first few attempts worked fine. However I started getting an error thrown when I try to create a DynamicAbstractObject using the %FromJSON method. See the code below. The error code given is not in the documentation, at least not the doc that I was searching.

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I have established an ODBC connection with our client based on credentials they provided. The test connection was successful and after using the Link Table wizard I can now see the client's tables and properties. However when we try to execute a query in IRIS we are getting error code -226. I'm trying to determine if this could be just a simple setting problem in IRIS or something with the client.

We have tried with PostgreSQL as well as with TSQL. Same result for each.

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Hi all,

We just encountered an instance of a result set RS and while looping through the results, RS is getting overwritten when method 1 calls out to method 2 (in the same class). Method 2 creates it own result set also named RS.

This code is several years old and never had this problem. When I changed the name of the result set variable in method 1 the problem cleared up.

I though that variables were automatically 'newed' in classmethods. ???

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