· Feb 5, 2021

ODBC Connection - Receiving SQL Errors


I have established an ODBC connection with our client based on credentials they provided.    The test connection was successful and after using the Link Table wizard I can now see the client's tables and properties.    However when we try to execute a query in IRIS we are getting error code -226.   I'm trying to determine if this could be just a simple setting problem in IRIS or something with the client.   

We have tried with PostgreSQL as well as with TSQL.  Same result for each.

Has anyone seen this error before and could it be pointing me in a certain direction?   Documentation on the error is sparse at best. 



Many thanks!

Jerry Petrole

Five Points Technology Group

Product version: IRIS 2019.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2019.1.1 (Build 612_0_19971U) Mon Jun 1 2020 18:51:40 EDT
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the second line of the error msg tells you that SQLserver raised error 102

This error occurs when Adaptive Server detects a syntax error in a Transact-SQL® command or query. This error can occur when: A keyword is misspelled. ... You used a variable for a database name and your query contains a parser errorerror 102 is raised because the batch was never executed.

suggestion: Check the SQL-name of the generated class samples.people