In OS X 10.8 and earlier, PHP was built with ODBC support, making it easy to connect to a Caché database:

$ php -r 'phpinfo();' |grep 'ODBC Support'
ODBC Support => enabled

However, this support was removed in OS X 10.9:

$ php -r 'phpinfo();' |grep 'ODBC Support'

Some people use Homebrew, MacPorts, or Fink to get their tools back. If you're comfortable coloring a little outside the lines (i.e., using sudo and the command line), you can build the or extension (depending on which API you prefer), and use it with Apple's version of Apache and PHP. You'll need the following:

  • C compiler
  • iODBC headers
  • GNU autoconf
  • PHP source code

To get a C compiler, I installed the command line developer tools with a command like the following

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