Cache 2016.2.1.603 for windows)

I created a few classes and one class called jitPod.Api.toServer.additionalConsignments and realised even before I did any work,, that the word "Api" (note capital A) needed to be "api" (all lowercase)

it would not allow copying the class to the lowercase name because the directory already exists (i understand that)

so I exported the class to an XML, edited the xml to become lowercase "api" , deleted all the classes (and directory name) and re-imported the class.

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I'm looking for information, suggestions, video (courses) on make a lot more use of the documatic system already built into Cache,

Probably talked of before within this forum, but after an hour or two of searching, can't find the articles that I mmay have seen before.

I want to do a lot more documenting of my installation, we use and actively comment classes and methods, but I want to take it further by actually documenting the "why" and high level "how" my system works. Documatic seems a good place to put that knowledge.

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A third party developer has asked for access to the documentation of my classes so he can understand my tables/classes better.

  • How do I give access the the documentation of my classes (single namespace) and secondary, do I need to give him access to %system. (and others)
  • Is it possible to block the likes of ensemble, Iknow, deepSee etc. I don't use those, and I don't want him to waste time (and my money) exploring areas that simply not necessary
  • what privilege roles do I need to give him whilst still maintaing security.


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Cache 2016.2.1

the system offers $LISTNEXT as a way of looping in $LISTs and the documentation says this is much more efficeint than writing

for i=1:1:$LISTLENGTH(myList) { set value = $LIST (myList,i) }

I want to walk backwards in the list,

is there a $LISTPREVIOUS or do I have to use the followng syntax to achie

 for i=1:-1:$LISTLENGTH(myList)


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version 2016.2.1 on windows

I accidently clicked the mouse into the output window of studio (where you get the compile results etc) and typed soemthing in there (by mistake) and it came back with <SYNTAX>.

I've been playing with it further, and it's like a cut down version of terminal.

I can "s x=1" and the "w x" and sure enough, it will display "1" (ie the value of x)

when I call one of my utilities ie "d ^dev", my utility runs as expected, but when I try entering a value (my utility was waiting on a read *x) it generated a <SYNTAX> error.

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suggestions to try to make the searching of the community better, more relevent

I've been searching within the community for an article about troubleshoting SQL's working out how efficient they are, and how to look inside the system for other SLQ's that we used but may be inefficient, (still haven't found it, and getting frustrated)

In this instance, after many guesses, I tried

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Kevin Furze · May 25, 2017
Problems with zlib1.dll


I'm having a problem with %SQL.Statement.

I have a ClassMethod on Cache that I'm trying to access via - this.db.invoke_classmethod.

When I get to my %Prepare I get a <DYNAMIC LIBRARY LOAD> error. Upon checking cconsole.log I find the following...

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the boss started using his new mac laptop, and now we are getting macintosh's own html escape characters being stored in the database especially in our text blocks, when we then print it we see things like don%u2019t instead of don't

so for example instead of the apostrophe we see %u2019 being stored. We've already noticed %u2018, %u2019, %u201C, %u201D, %2026

I'd like to replace the %u2019 with the nearest equivilent (especially when he starts to use left and right quote marks)

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