Thank you for information! I will study or links and i sure now we can solve this out!


Hi and thanks for answer. It's not any explicit saving. It seems to happens  immediately at allocation of the value even if there are more properties to set after that line. And there is of course a Quit later


Hi and thank you for ansver!

I have look at the  InboundAdapter class and that will probably be our choice, since we not know any other way. As an option i was thinking to monitoring the eventlog in some way.

Just by pure curiosity, what table is "done file table "?

Appreciate your response, thanks!

- Michael

With productdescription i mean what you se in the productionclass for each namespace (if there is a productionclass) between the tags <Description></Description>. You can set value from manager portal on product settings.

What i want to do, is in a production in the process (with cos) get that description from any other namespace. Wihout to do any global mappings . Then i want to access the content in that productionclass and read out the value from<Description>Value</Description>.

I will take a look at $SYSTEM.SYS.NameSpace() as suggested