theResponse = ##class(%ListOfObjects).%New()
SQLQuery = "{call TheProcedure   }"
tSC = ..Adapter.ExecuteProcedure(.theResponse , ,SQLQuery)
tSnapshot = theResponse.GetAt(1)

Hi and thanks for your reply!

Since this is not a stored procedure in Iris database but in an MS SQL server, syntax does not work
"SELECT PackageName.ClassName_ProcedureName ('parameter')"

Normal call is Execute procedure name.

For example, when I call a procedure that does not use an output parameter, I use
"..Adapter.ExecuteQuery (.tResult, tQuery) Quit: $$$ ISERR (tStatus)"

However, because this procedure fills an output parameter, this call does not work. It then returns "Error! Function must return a value". So i suppose i need to use ExecuteProcedure

Sincerely, Michael

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