I have trouble capturing the value from a stored procedures output variable from an MS SQL Database.

In the database querywindow of MS SQL manager, the procedure is called as:
declare @return As varchar (100)
Execute TheProcedure @return. @return then contains string of content.

From HC I call the procedure:

set RetValue = ""
set Inparm = "@return"
set Outparm = ## class (% ListOfDataTypes).% New ()

SET SQLQuery = "exec TheProcedure ?"
(have also tried
"{call TheProcedure (?)}"

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I call a Java-based web service from HC and get an error message back:

"ERROR # 6243: HTTP request to SOAP WebService returned response with unexpected CONTENT-TYPE: text / html; charset = utf-8."

The content (payload) that is sent from my HC-client is coded in iso-8859-1 but SOAP debug shows that Soap envelope to be sent with:

"Output from Web client with SOAP action = urn: submitFile
<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> etc "

and I guess that's what is causing the error message?

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Michael Lundberg · Mar 23, 2021
Time in queue


I need to know how long time a message has been in a possible queue before our business service starts handling the message. Is it possible to read with objectscript or another way?

The business service is an EnsLib.SOAP.Service

Grateful for answers

Greetings Michael

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I'm not really familiar with how and if class parameters can be used during runtime or if it is static.

Class %TimeStamp has parameter XMLTIMEZONE [Constraint = "IGNORE, UTC", Flags = ENUM] = "UTC";

I wonder if that parameter can be changed to IGNORE during runtime and in that case how?

For the moment I have created my own type that inherits from %TimeStamp in order to change to IGNORE

Greetings Michael

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I have a qeustion if it possible to let Ensemble manage user rights from AD-user group?

What i want is to let external user have access to certain CPS-pages to read information. But not let them have access to Ensemble it self. And instead to set up individual accounts in Ensemble for each one of them i rather want to have dem in an AD-securitygroup.

Is that possible and also limit them only to choosen CSP-pages?

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Is there anyway to catch info/warnings into an Ens.Alert when the inbound adapter is skipping previously file (of any reason)?
Or any other way to pay attention to it.

In our log it usual have Warning or Info level and it stops there. We really want to create some kind of an alert when it happends.

All suggestions welcome



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I'm trying to connect to one of our Ensemble servers Cache database from a C#-windows form . I'm running the client from my local computer with OS win7. Using .NET FW ver 4.5.2 in the client.

ODBC local setup using "InterSystems ODBC35"

In this ODBC konfigurationview i can put my userID and password and try a testconnect (or ping). And that run successful.

However, we don't want to leave credentials in the ODBC-configuration it self (open up for anybody to use the source) but instead send it from the klients.

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I do not really have much information yet about an upcoming mission but i know it is about to seal a flatfile and then send it further. I think SHA256 HMAC will be used. There is a fixed sealkey to be used each time. Does anyone know if the Ensemble supports this ? I have looked in the documentation but not really found anything .


Michael Lundberg

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