Peter Steiwer · Dec 8, 2016
Caché vs Cache

I see that there is an "Insert Special Character" option from the text editor where "é" can be selected, but would it be possible to create a "Caché" button that inserts the word "Caché"? I can see cases where mixing these words can be confusing. An even more important reason would be searching. If the word "Cache" is used instead of "Caché" in many places, it may be difficult to find information about the "Cache".

If a "Caché" button existed, it may encourage the correct spelling to be used. I am not sure if this is a real problem, but I see the possibility of it happening.

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Whether you are accessing DeepSee for the first time ever or you are configuring DeepSee on a new instance, there are two common issues that are encountered after clicking on the “DeepSee” option in the System Management Portal.

Issue #1: Architect/Analyzer is grayed out!

Issue #2: DeepSee must be enabled before use.

Issue #1: Architect/Analyzer is grayed out!

There are two common causes for this problem.

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