Now I want to return a large amount of data to the front end. The string length has reached 40000 +, and the returned data needs to be encrypted by AES + Base64. I can convert the string into a stream. AES can use the AESCBCEncryptStream method to encrypt, but Base64 has no stream method。Anyone who get the solution would you kindly share the solution please。

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My database service is on the cloud server, and I access it on the company intranet. When I user the %request.CgiEnvs to get "REMOTE_ADDR", but what I have been getting is the company's external address. I can't get my IP address in the LAN.
For example, my computer IP address is, and my company's external public network address is 214.17.17. I can only get 214.17.17 by using %request.CgiEnvs("REMOTE_ADDR"), but not

I only want to get

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