Hi, Robert, you show DC members in your listing. Are there InterSystems employees in the list who do not qualify to win prize money? Just wondering how high I would have to climb to earn a prize ...

I would like to help you. Can you provide a production configuration to reproduce?

From Production Configuration page in Management Portal, you can click any service, process, or operation. Look for Actions tab in right side of the screen, and click on Change Class.

I think you get a WRITE error, because it is not really connecting. Does the external REST API receive your request?

Hello, Thembelani,

I have implemented a similar case in this app:


Important helper method is this:

/// Helper method
ClassMethod GetJSONFromRequest(Output obj As %DynamicObject) As %Boolean
    Set ok = 1
    Try {
        Set obj = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON(%request.Content)
    } Catch ex {
        Set ok = 0
    Quit ok

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