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Only a local database on the current primary failover member can be added to a mirror; it is added on the primary first,
then on the backup, and then on any desired async members. All mirrored databases must be journaled.
You must add the same set of mirrored databases to both the primary and backup failover members, as well as to any DR
async members.

I tried this again today and it worked. No more errors. I did not change anything. I observed that the Login gets a response with a server name and today it is different compared to yesterday's server. Maybe the server I got logged in yesterday did not like me.

All I need to do is create a new stream and write the contents of pInput stream with $Char(13) removed and then pass the new stream to the superclass:

Class Utility.RecordMap.Service.ComplexBatchFileService Extends EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.ComplexBatchFileService
{ /// Parse the incoming file and send the resulting ComplexBatch to the targets in TargetConfigNames.
/// *** In Windows strip out any Char(13) *** Oliver T Wilms *** 2/11/2020
Method OnProcessInput(
pInput As %Stream.Object,
Output pOutput As %RegisteredObject,
ByRef pHint As %String) As %Status

Set tStatus = $$$OK
Try {
Set tLookAhead = ""
Set tmpStream = ##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()
While 'pInput.AtEnd {
Set = pInput.Read(.len,.tStatus)
If ([ $Char(13)) {
Set = $Translate(x,$Char(13))
Do tmpStream.Write(x)
Set tStatus = ##super(tmpStream,.pOutput,.pHint)
Catch ex {
Set tStatus = $$$EnsSystemError
Quit tStatus
} }

We understand what happened after we looked at the console log.

We failed to acquire locks when there were two actors because the lock table was full.

The rollback failed because journaling was off.

We will address our configuration.