Only a local database on the current primary failover member can be added to a mirror; it is added on the primary first,
then on the backup, and then on any desired async members. All mirrored databases must be journaled.
You must add the same set of mirrored databases to both the primary and backup failover members, as well as to any DR
async members.


I copied your Docker command and I observed user IRIS.DAT database file was under durable storage. I believe it is because of "--env ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/dur/iconfig". 

Best regards,


I am learning Iris and Docker in my free account with Amazon Web Services. I started a new EC2 instance and with Docker. I copied your Docker run command. Then I got into Iris Terminal with this command:

docker exec -it iris21 iris session IRIS

I was in USER namespace and I populated the global: 

USER>for i=1:1:10 set ^tmp(i)=""

I viewed the global in Management Portal:$ID2=tmp&$NAMESPACE=USER&$NAMESPACE=USER  

I halt out of Iris terminal and review storage. I find two IRIS.DAT for %SYS and user.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-45-10:/data/dur/iconfig/mgr$ ls -lt
total 194660
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773 104857600 May  6 02:53 IRIS.WIJ
-rw-r----- 1 51773 52773  94371840 May  6 02:50 IRIS.DAT
-rw-rw-r-- 1 51773 52773     38723 May  6 02:48 messages.log
-rwxrw-r-- 1 52773 52773        66 May  6 02:38 SystemMonitor.log
drwxrwxr-x 3 root  52773      4096 May  6 02:38 user
drwxrwxr-x 3 root  52773      4096 May  6 02:38 irisaudit
drwxrwxr-x 2 52773 52773      4096 May  6 02:38 Temp
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773       219 May  6 02:38 journal.log
drwxrwxr-x 2 51773 52773      4096 May  6 02:38 journal
drwxrwxr-x 3 52773 52773      4096 May  6 02:38 iristemp
drwxrwxr-x 3 root  52773      4096 May  6 02:38 irislocaldata
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773        35 May  6 02:38 iris.lck
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773        12 May  6 02:38 iris.ids
-rw-rw-rw- 1 51773 52773        58 May  6 02:38 startup.last
-rw-rw-rw- 1 51773 52773         2 May  6 02:38 iris.shid
-rw-rw-r-- 1 51773 52773         5 May  6 02:38 iris.use
drwxrwxr-x 2 root  52773      4096 May  6 02:38 stream
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773       938 Feb  7 16:00 irisodbc.ini
-rwxrwxrwx 1 51773 52773         0 Feb  7 16:00 ilock
ubuntu@ip-172-31-45-10:/data/dur/iconfig/mgr$ cd user
ubuntu@ip-172-31-45-10:/data/dur/iconfig/mgr/user$ ls -lt
total 11272
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773 11534336 May  6 02:50 IRIS.DAT
-rw-rw---- 1 51773 52773       35 May  6 02:38 iris.lck
drwxrwxr-x 2 51773 52773     4096 Feb  7 16:01 stream

I remove iris21 container from Docker by this command:

docker rm --force iris

The IRIS.DAT remained in user directory on my EC2 instance.

Management Portal would not work at this time.

I reboot EC2 instance from AWS console.

I login to EC2 using SSH and check IRIS.DAT files are still there.

I rerun the Docker run command to run iris21 again. I can return to Management Portal. It remembered the changed password when I log in. I can see the 10 enties in ^tmp global.

I believe you need to use port 51773 to connect Studio to Iris running in Docker container.


Thanks for your reply. Can Intersystems get us a list of the standards they presently support for their existing customers (FHIR, HL7v2.3, 2.4 0r 2.5, Edi or X12, etc.)?

From this list we can xmap to our requested protocol and determine if any gaps exist for other protocols.


Oliver and Terry

Good morning,

I encountered this error when I had to save a lot of data. It happened to me, because either the lock table was full (check console log) or I exceeded the lock threshold so a process would try to lock the entire table which failed because there were other processes also inserting data into the same tables.

Hope to help.


Thanks to all who put on this contest. It motivated me to get my hands on Docker. Unfortunately I chose a bad topic for my application. I have no mail server to send my email. I tried to work with TCP because that is an alternate solution to a problem I am working on at my regular job. With default steps, I have no ports open to work with local tcp connections. I developed unit testing production for my contest application. I got an error in container that I did not get outside. I learned a lot this week while working on this. It is great if someone can work on what they enjoy doing and enjoy their work. That's me, happy!

I tried this again today and it worked. No more errors. I did not change anything. I observed that the Login gets a response with a server name and today it is different compared to yesterday's server. Maybe the server I got logged in yesterday did not like me.

I could not send an email from my Iris container. I created a TestProduction for testing my production. I added a lot of debug statements logging what happens in FileMaker into ^TESTdmlss. Try running the FileMailer application (follow instructions in Read me) and review ^TESTdmlss by typing ZW ^TESTdmlss.

Evgeny, it still does not work. I had tried to use "yes" instead of "no" for "Ensemble" flag. Now I also tried "1". It still gives me error that superclasses do not exist. Can you please look at my terminal output? I show Installer.cls at the bottom below:

[node1] (local) root@ ~
$ git clone
Cloning into 'iriscontest2020'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 64, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (64/64), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (56/56), done.
remote: Total 64 (delta 21), reused 19 (delta 4), pack-reused 0
Unpacking objects: 100% (64/64), done.
[node1] (local) root@ ~
$ cd iriscontest2020/
[node1] (local) root@ ~/iriscontest2020
$ docker-compose build
Building iris
Step 1/16 : ARG IMAGE=store/intersystems/irishealth:2019.3.0.308.0-community
Step 2/16 : ARG IMAGE=store/intersystems/iris-community:2019.3.0.309.0
Step 3/16 : ARG IMAGE=store/intersystems/iris-community:2019.4.0.379.0
Step 4/16 : ARG IMAGE=store/intersystems/iris-community:2020.
Step 5/16 : ARG IMAGE=intersystemsdc/iris-community:2019.4.0.383.0-zpm
Step 6/16 : FROM $IMAGE
2019.4.0.383.0-zpm: Pulling from intersystemsdc/iris-community
898c46f3b1a1: Pull complete
63366dfa0a50: Pull complete
041d4cd74a92: Pull complete
6e1bee0f8701: Pull complete
973e47831f38: Pull complete
b0c3b996c3e3: Pull complete
b48eef952cda: Pull complete
8254746f78e2: Pull complete
ec1f0f74baf0: Pull complete
fdc6015ec77d: Pull complete
b72c9a7f8270: Pull complete
c108d032e6d0: Pull complete
caf30f8515db: Pull complete
02b9549ccbc9: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:fc52a2359da312a5c39010a24d15e84a09ed6f3f2828e54021ebed54a3cb4c1a
Status: Downloaded newer image for intersystemsdc/iris-community:2019.4.0.383.0-zpm
 ---> 2f9eb08f28e3
Step 7/16 : USER root
 ---> Running in 78efd07fbcb0
Removing intermediate container 78efd07fbcb0
 ---> c8f8dddbd96e
Step 8/16 : WORKDIR /opt/irisapp
 ---> Running in a436b17bdd9c
Removing intermediate container a436b17bdd9c
 ---> da8cdcae02a1
Step 9/16 : RUN chown ${ISC_PACKAGE_MGRUSER}:${ISC_PACKAGE_IRISGROUP} /opt/irisapp
 ---> Running in 1698d44c50eb
Removing intermediate container 1698d44c50eb
 ---> c9c75c4960cd
Step 10/16 : USER irisowner
 ---> Running in dd49a263a773
Removing intermediate container dd49a263a773
 ---> abef13ffc4de
Step 11/16 : COPY  Installer.cls .
 ---> b01d3b536e89
Step 12/16 : COPY  src src
 ---> 6ed1aa33393e
Step 13/16 : COPY /
 ---> 2b8436f61475
Step 14/16 : SHELL ["/"]
 ---> Running in 9eca533f3ef5
Removing intermediate container 9eca533f3ef5
 ---> 63ee158e5412
Step 15/16 : RUN   do $SYSTEM.OBJ.Load("Installer.cls", "ck")   set sc = ##class(App.Installer).setup()
 ---> Running in afd2046fb280
This copy of InterSystems IRIS has been licensed for use exclusively by:
InterSystems IRIS Community
Copyright (c) 1986-2019 by InterSystems Corporation
Any other use is a violation of your license agreement
Starting IRIS

Node: afd2046fb280, Instance: IRIS



Load started on 03/24/2020 02:21:26
Loading file Installer.cls as udl
Compiling class App.Installer
Compiling routine App.Installer.1
Load finished successfully.
2020-03-24 02:21:26 0 App.Installer: Installation starting at 2020-03-24 02:21:26, LogLevel=3
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: #{$system.Process.CurrentDirectory()}src -> /opt/irisapp/src
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 SetVariable: SourceDir=/opt/irisapp/src
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 SetVariable: Namespace=IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 SetVariable: app=irisapp
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: ${Namespace} -> IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: ${Namespace} -> IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: ${Namespace} -> IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: ${Namespace} -> IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: /opt/${app}/data -> /opt/irisapp/data
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: %DB_${Namespace} -> %DB_IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 1 CreateDatabase: Creating database IRISAPP in /opt/irisapp/data/ with resource %DB_IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 2 CreateDatabase: Overwriting /opt/irisapp/data/IRIS.DAT
2020-03-24 02:21:26 2 CreateDatabase: Adding database IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 2 CreateDatabase: Creating and assigning resource '%DB_IRISAPP' to IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 1 CreateNamespace: Creating namespace IRISAPP using IRISAPP/IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 2 CreateNamespace: Adding namespace IRISAPP
2020-03-24 02:21:26 1 ActivateConfiguration: Activating Configuration
2020-03-24 02:21:26 3 Evaluate: ${SourceDir} -> /opt/irisapp/src
2020-03-24 02:21:26 1 Import: Loading /opt/irisapp/src (isdir=1) into IRISAPP, recurse=1

Load of directory started on 03/24/2020 02:21:26

Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/DMLSS/FilePassthroughService.cls as udl
Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/DMLSS/EmailPassthroughOperation.cls as udl
Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/DMLSS/Production.cls as udl
Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/PackageSample/ObjectScript.cls as udl
Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/DMLSS/Util.cls as udl
Loading file /opt/irisapp/src/PackageSample/PersistentClass.cls as udl

Compilation started on 03/24/2020 02:21:26 with qualifiers 'ck'
ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.BusinessOperation', used by 'DMLSS.EmailPassthroughOperation:superclass', does not exist
Skip class DMLSS.EmailPassthroughOperation
ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.BusinessService', used by 'DMLSS.FilePassthroughService:superclass', does not exist
Skip class DMLSS.FilePassthroughService
ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.Production', used by 'DMLSS.Production:superclass', does not exist
Skip class DMLSS.Production
Compiling 3 classes, using 3 worker jobs
Compiling class DMLSS.Util
Compiling class PackageSample.ObjectScript
Compiling class PackageSample.PersistentClass
Compiling table PackageSample.PersistentClass
Compiling routine PackageSample.ObjectScript.1
Compiling routine DMLSS.Util.1
Compiling routine PackageSample.PersistentClass.1
Detected 3 errors during compilation in 0.112s.

ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.BusinessOperation', used by 'DMLSS.EmailPassthroughOperation:superclass', does not exist
Detected 3 errors during load.
2020-03-24 02:21:26 0 App.Installer: ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.BusinessOperation', used by 'DMLSS.EmailPassthroughOperation:superclass', does not exist
2020-03-24 02:21:26 0 App.Installer: ERROR #ConfigFailed: Unknown status code: <Ins>ConfigFailed )
  > ERROR #5373: Class 'Ens.BusinessOperation', used by 'DMLSS.EmailPassthroughOperation:superclass', does not exist
2020-03-24 02:21:26 0 App.Installer: Installation failed at 2020-03-24 02:21:26
2020-03-24 02:21:26 0 %Installer: Elapsed time .423668s

ERROR: Service 'iris' failed to build: The command '/ do $SYSTEM.OBJ.Load("Installer.cls", "ck")   set sc = ##class(App.Installer).setup()' returned a non-zero code: 1
[node1] (local) root@ ~/iriscontest2020
$ cat Installer.cls
Class App.Installer

XData setup
  <Default Name="SourceDir" Value="#{$system.Process.CurrentDirectory()}src"/>
  <Default Name="Namespace" Value="IRISAPP"/>
  <Default Name="app" Value="irisapp" />

  <Namespace Name="${Namespace}" Code="${Namespace}" Data="${Namespace}" Create="yes" Ensemble="1">

      <Database Name="${Namespace}" Dir="/opt/${app}/data" Create="yes" Resource="%DB_${Namespace}"/>

      <Import File="${SourceDir}" Flags="ck" Recurse="1"/>
    <CSPApplication Url="/csp/${app}" Directory="${cspdir}${app}"  ServeFiles="1" Recurse="1" MatchRoles=":%DB_${Namespace}" AuthenticationMethods="32"


ClassMethod setup(ByRef pVars, pLogLevel As %Integer = 3, pInstaller As %Installer.Installer, pLogger As %Installer.AbstractLogger) As %Status [ CodeMode = objectgenerator, Internal ]
  #; Let XGL document generate code for this method. 
  Quit ##class(%Installer.Manifest).%Generate(%compiledclass, %code, "setup")