The problem is only happening with quote-style escaping checkbox checked and it appears to be fixed in IRIS 2021.1

In my experience, this version of docker did not work properly with IRIS. Can you try to get on current Docker version?

By default, only clients local to the Web Gateway’s hosting computer are allowed access to the Web Gateway Management pages. The browser through which the management forms are accessed must be running on the same machine as the web server and Web Gateway. For example:


You can add additional clients to the list of authorized administrators by adding the client IP addresses to the System_Manager parameter in the SYSTEM section in CSP.ini (in install-dir\CSP\bin). The System_Manager parameter represents a comma- or plus-separated list of clients (by IP address) who may access the Web Gateway Management pages. The directive shown below grants access to three remote clients in addition to the default local access.


Can you create your own class that extends the class you want to update? Which class? What kind of operation you want to do?

I created a new class (User.OperationSQL) which extends Ens.BusinessOperation and uses 


Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter";

Property Adapter As EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter;


Do you see Ens.BusinessOperation and EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter?

Hello Jack,

I have done this previously in this class:

Class User.OperationSQL Extends Ens.BusinessOperation


Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter";

Property Adapter As EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter;


I have this code to begin transaction:

set tSC = ..Adapter.SetAutoCommit(0)

I have this code to commit transaction:

set tSC = ..Adapter.Commit()

In case of rollback I use this code:

Set rollbackSt = ..Adapter.Rollback()


I cloned the csv repository, added an interoperability production with a file service and a process that imports the file using csvgen code. Please take a look at this repo and let me know if you have any comments or questions:

To force text to stay inside the width of a rectangle, use this:

text-anchor="start" textLength="#(wbw-1)#lengthAdjust="spacingAndGlyphs"