· Nov 12, 2023

SSL Certificate Error


I have recently created a HA by "Cloning" the existing server. Everything worked fine until I have to failover the Primary in order to process. The Backup Failover member successfully promoted to the status of primary. Everything was working fine except on one of the Services, I receieved the following error message;

> ERROR #6156: No match between server name 'Test111b.domain.local' and SSL certificate values 'Test111a.domain.local'.

The Test111a was the original server that has been cloned to create the Test111b as a backup/failover member. 

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Thank you,



Product version: HealthShare 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows 2018.1.8
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Just to go deeper in the Oliver's answer and because I'm always strugling against the certificates and I hate can see here an example about the generation of a self-signed certified in wich you define the "Common name", the equivalent to your domain, in your case the Common name used to generate the certificate is Test111a.domain.local so you need a new one with the new domain as @Oliver Wilms told you.