While it's something in the right direction, that statistic seems to be updated on delay. My first comment from yesterday only appeared today and my today's comments are yet to be included. That '1 day' delay is a bit of a problem when you want know 'what's happening now'.

Also, it doesn't show any context for the data. What was  the comment? What post did it comment on? How many replies does it have? Etc.

My idea would also be to use business rules to sort/filter messages. You can also define transformations in the business rules and I would guess (without knowing the details) it might even be more efficient to first do the sorting and then transformations if necessary.

(I'm not familiar with Healthshare, I but I have little experience with Ensemble.)

Sorting by 'time updated' would be a useful feature. Or some other way to see all recent posts and comments as a way to keep up with active discussions. Perhaps something like Confluence Dashboard which has an option to view 'all', 'popular' or 'favorite' updates.

This contest made me log into Developer Community again after a couple of years :)