Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 2, 2016

Global Summit Free Registration Contest Episode II

Hello, Community!

We  announce the Second Developer Community Contest:

Developer Community MVP of the March!

The rules are the same: win Developer Community MVP award in March and receive a free registration to the Solution Developers Conference at InterSystems Global Summit 2016!

The Solution Developers Conference is like the live version of the Developer Community. It’s where you can connect with your peers and with InterSystems developers and product managers face-to-face! You’ll hear about our newest technologies, and how they can be used to super-charge your development projects. (Learn more about the Solution Developers Conference and InterSystems Global Summit. ) 

What is the Developer Community MVP award?

The Developer Community MVP award will honor the person who makes the most significant and useful contributions to the Developer Community during the two weeks  from 3rd to 17th of March, 2016.

How will we determine the most valuable participant?

Your contribution will be measured by:

·         The numbers of posts  that you make

·         The number of comments made to those posts

·         The number of votes those posts and comments receive

·         The number  of comments you make on other people’s posts

We will count activity in the groups: AtelierCloudCachéDeepSeeEnsembleField Test 2016.2,iKnowInterSystems Global Summit,  JavaLearning Services, SQLSupported platformsWeb Development and will count only helpful comments (we will filter "+1", "bump" etc). The decision of the judges is final.

How can we see the leaderboard?

It will be available as soon as the competition starts.

What are the dates?

The contest begins March 3, 2016 at 00:01 AM EST and ends March 17, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST

If I am named the Developer Community MVP for March, what do I win?

Bragging rights! Also, the MVP will receive a single use discount code to offset the cost of a Global Summit 2016 registration. It is valid for InterSystems Global Summit 2016 registration fee only.   And MVP will be prized with coverage of 4 nights stay in InterSystems Global Summit Hotel - Arizona Biltmore, Waldorf Astoria Resort! The MVP is responsible for any additional fees or expenses, including taxes,  travel, guests, etc.  

If the MVP has already registered for the Global Summit, InterSystems will issue a refund for the registration amount paid OR the winner can transfer the code to someone else at the SAME company.

If you have any questions about the contest please feel free to ask in comments. 

Let the race begin!

See you at InterSystems Global Summit 2016!

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It's really cool of you guys to do this!  And twice!

What a great way of encouraging participation here.

How realtime is the leaderboard? My post from earlier today hasn't turned up there yet. Wondering if yesterday's DC update could have affected the data feed to it.

John looks like you worried about your leadership in this contest, not sure that somebody could do more than you, in just one day now. 

John, thanks for the comment.

There were some issues in DeepSee Analytics  due to the latest changes in DC but now everything is fixed and I hope all your points are in leaderboard! ;)

Please feel free to write if we missed something!

Thanks for your contribution!

This contest made me log into Developer Community again after a couple of years :)

Happy to hear it! Welcome back, Atte! ;)