Hi Krista,

In System Management Portal, I would look at System Operation > System Logs > System Monitor Log, I have seen errors pop up in there, but that is usually the <Protect> error when you don't have %DB_USER (which you have).

I would also comment out the code in GetSensors to only setting the sensor to a hard coded value, just to make sure the connections are all correct. 

Good Luck!

Hey Raouf,

These types of questions are probably best answered by sending an e-mail to support@intersystems.com and the WRC could walk through this with you.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that you should look at the Business Process HS.Gateway.ECR.Process and look at the setting for "ECRTarget" and "GatewayOperations" to make sure they have values.  It looks like it could be blank and causing a <SUBSCRIPT> error when trying to send a message to a missing target.

Good Luck!


Hey Gaolai,

I would check to see if the user that is logged in has a role that has the resource (%HSAdmin_HubManagment) with "USE" access defined.   Are you using a custom HOME UI class?  If so, check the restrictions added to the custom class.

If this doesn't solve your problem, please enter an issue in the WRC and they will help you with your issue.