Note that the infrastructure for %PARALLEL is substantially improved in the upcoming 2016.2 release. If your query can be parallelized, you ought to see even better performance there.

You have the right idea to 'literalize' the 0 so it isn't treated as a parameter, but the syntax isn't quite right. Try:

AND consolidateID = ((0))

Then the optimizer should know that this condition will be non-selective.

You want to use the concatenate operator: ||


SELECT EventType || ';' || InitiatedAt as k, COUNT(*) as cnt
FROM HS_IHE_ATNA_Repository.Aggregation
WHERE EventType = 'LOGIN'
AND LocalDateTime > '2016-02-16 11:00:00'
GROUP BY EventType, InitiatedAt

+ is the addition operator, which implicitly treats string values as 0.

Agree. And there should be an easy way to see all unanswered questions in a category.

I prefer "Post Comment" when I'm writing a comment, but agree that "Join The Conversation" is not great (not to mention inappropariately title cased :) ).

Changing the subject of the email for "immediate" notifications to the post title is a critical issue for me. +1

Also, for these "immediate" emails at least, I'd remove much of the "decoration" ASCII art and boilerplate. Just the content, please. Having the posted content up front means I can see what the discussion is about from the email summary, rather than always seeing "Greetings, Tom Woodfin" which has an information content of 0.

Thanks, Benjamin!

The "Favorite" link is unfortunate: The filled-color bookmark(?) icon and the use of the noun "Favorite" make it appear that something (everything!) is already a favorite of mine. 

An empty (filled in on click) star or heart would fit modern expectations much better, I think.

Also, why is the comment submission button here titled: "Join The Conversation"? "Post Comment" would be much better.

Agree. The layout has so much whitespace, there's no reason to truncate posts so tightly.

Also, the suggested use of <!--break-->, which is user-hostile to begin with, doesn't seem to work.