Tom Woodfin · Dec 21, 2015

No obvious way to subscribe to particular topics

I want to be able to follow, through notifications, posts to the Caché and SQL topics.

Ideally, you could simply hit a "add to my subscriptions" link from the topic page. But even the subscriptions tab of my user account does not appear to be aware of these topics, instead presenting oddly general categories like "Posts".


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Tom - you  need to click the "Favorite" tag at the top of the topic page, and that will subscribe you to that particular topic (the label will siwch to "Unsubscribe" once you).

It's not intuitive but it works (sort of - you can't do anything but digest subscription which leaves quite a bit to be desired)

May be let's just change Favorite caption to Subscribe?

Thanks, Benjamin!

The "Favorite" link is unfortunate: The filled-color bookmark(?) icon and the use of the noun "Favorite" make it appear that something (everything!) is already a favorite of mine. 

An empty (filled in on click) star or heart would fit modern expectations much better, I think.

I completely agree.  This needs to be made much more clear