Subscription emails don't include post content

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While comment content appears to be sent in subscription emails, new posts do not.  E.g.:


| Greetings, Benjamin Spead.

| Your subscriptions on InterSystems Developer Community notify you of

| the following changes since the previous digest:

===================================================== 1 of 1 (new)

| Author: Benjamin DeBoe

| Title: How to increase the timeout for ZEN refreshContents() ?

| Tags: Web Development, ZEN




I had to click the link to see the content of the post.  This information really needs to be included in the emai (and as mentioned before, the email subject should be the post title if someone selects 'immediate' notification).



Changing the subject of the email for "immediate" notifications to the post title is a critical issue for me. +1

Also, for these "immediate" emails at least, I'd remove much of the "decoration" ASCII art and boilerplate. Just the content, please. Having the posted content up front means I can see what the discussion is about from the email summary, rather than always seeing "Greetings, Tom Woodfin" which has an information content of 0.

To echo what Tom said, this is becoming more and more critical for me as well.  I really don't have time to click a link every time I get a Community update in order to see if its something I am interested in (or can contribute to) or not.  

I also agree with the removal of the decoration, etc.  Just the content with a link to the thread at the bottom of the email please.