Today, I had the same issue today with Eclipse Photon / Atelier 1.2 installed in a Windows 10 VM  - all server connections failed with a similar error.

Looking under Help/Eclipse Marketplace, Tab "Installed", EGit was asking for an update.

Installed it, restarted Eclipse and now things are working again.

This tool is very handy when trying to understand complex class hierarchies - especially because it works dynamically. One thing that would make it even more useful would be the possibility to display the list of Includes for classes. Any chance of implementing this?

Here is a code sample that creates the Ensemble representation of an HL7 message from a string and sets it's metadata according to the information found in the MSH segment (using HL7 version 2.5 schema):

/// Create EnsLib.HL7.Message object from HL7 string
Method CreateHL7Message(pHL7String as %String, Output pHL7 As EnsLib.HL7.Message) As %Status
    #Dim sc as %Status
    #Dim ex as %Exception.AbstractException
    #Dim tMSH as EnsLib.HL7.Segment    
    Try    {
        // Create HL7 message object
        set pHL7=##class(EnsLib.HL7.Message).ImportFromString(pHL7String,.sc) $$$ThrowOnError(sc)
        // Determine DocType from MSH
        set tMSH=pHL7.getSegmentByIndex(1)
        set tName=tMSH.GetValueAt(9,":_~\&")
        set tDocType=##class(EnsLib.HL7.Schema).ResolveSchemaTypeToDocType("2.5",tName, sc) $$$ThrowOnError(sc)
        // Set DocType and build map
        set pHL7.DocType=tDocType
        set sc=pHL7.BuildMap()    $$$ThrowOnError(sc)
    Catch ex
        // don't return HL7 object in case of an error
        kill pHL7
        set sc=ex.AsStatus()
    Quit sc


Alternations can be used in $match. If you are trying to match ABC anywhere in a text string make sure that you include .* in your regex, e.g.

write $match("Look for abc",".*abc|ABC.*")

Remember that you can use (?i) to ignore case:

write $match("Look for abc","(?i).*ABC.*")

This will return 1 for abc, ABC, aBC...