it is possible to convert a csv file to json file?

I want to stream json files and output the data as it comes in from the files. So my files are "csv" type and I want to convert these files to "json" type.

I can read csv file as follows:

ClassMethod ReadFile()
    set stream = ##class(%Stream.FileCharacter).%New()
    set sc = stream.LinkToFile("*.csv")
    do stream.Rewind()
    while'stream.AtEnd {
        set line=stream.ReadLine()
        write line,!

What should I add to convert it to "json" and read it again?

Thank you

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Hello everyone,
I just started to learn how to create a web application. My aim is to create a web app with IRIS, which streams financial data.
Can I connect some streaming-data API (for example IEX API) with the IRIS Platform? Or is there any other easier way to achieve my aim?
Thank you in advance.

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