Suppose you have developed your own app with InterSystems technologies stack and now want to perform multiple deployments on the customers' side. During the development process you've composed a detailed installation guide for your application, because you need to not only import classes, but also fine-tune the environment according to your needs.
To address this specific task, InterSystems has created a special tool called %Installer. Read on to find out how to use it.

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Feb 17, 2016
Basic queue handling

Let's say the user need to execute some heavy code (build a report, or extensive calculations etc.). So, of course it needs to be asynchronous, and we possibly need to store some data about execution status. How?

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Feb 5, 2016 11m read
Class Queries in InterSystems IRIS

Class Queries in InterSystems IRIS (and Cache, Ensemble, HealthShare) is a useful tool that separates SQL queries from Object Script code. Basically, it works like this: suppose that you want to use the same SQL query with different arguments in several different places.In this case you can avoid code duplication by declaring the query body as a class query and then calling this query by name. This approach is also convenient for custom queries, in which the task of obtaining the next row is defined by a developer. Sounds interesting? Then read on!

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I want to store a mailbox in Caché, persistently.

Does anyone have some code for downloading all messages from mailbox into Caché? And maybe automatic syncing after download? I know, there is  %Net.POP3 but maybe someone has already done that.


Thank you.

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