Any particular reason to prefer:





Please modify your answer to point to InterSystems online documentation.

COS Faker is for generating random data.

I'm more interested in meaningful initial data.

Are you using EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter?

Deletion happens after file is processed.

What error are you getting?

File size absolutely should not affect deletion result.

You can have a device which holds the connection and read from it when you want to.

#) I know websocket server works from the browser client, just not from Cache client.

#2) I do not have control (or even dev access) to the websocket server. It's not Cache-based through.

Looks like there's a character stream somewhere. You should always use binary streams to upload binary data such as images, PDFs and so on.

First of all you need to understand where the problem is: on sending or on receiving.

To do that upload PDF using your BO and download it from AWS website manually (using your browser). If you can open downloaded file, then it means that your upload code is correct and the problem is with download code. If you can't open the file it means that you need to check upload code.

Please share the code from


To do that open %sqlcq.PRD.2249  routine (int routine, afaik mac routine wouldn't have this )

If you can't find routines check that system saves sources for cached queries. If it doesn't set the setting to save routines, purge this query and run it again. After that you should be able to see the source.

Also can you determine which part of SQL causes this error?