Check out our webinar today! It would be about Python Gateway/ML.

Also, there's ML Toolkit user group - a private GitHub repository set up as part of InterSystems corporate GitHub organization. It is addressed to the external users that are installing, learning or are already using ML Toolkit components. To join ML Toolkit user group, please send a short e-mail at the following address: and indicate in your e-mail the following details (needed for the group members to get to know and identify you during discussions):

  • GitHub username
  • Full Name (your first name followed by your last name in Latin script)
  • Organization (you are working for, or you study at, or your home office)
  • Position (your actual position in your organization, or “Student”, or “Independent”)
  • Country (you are based in)

Pease consider using code formatting button to format large (multiline) code listings.

You need to download (and build from) release. It looks like you're using repository clone for docker build, which is not recommended.

Add this line:


to the beginning of Dockerfile (after FROM of course) and try to build again.

What does this code print?

set ^dbg = $lb(pRequest.FileStatus, pRequest.Path, pRequest.InterchangeOID)

zw ^dbg

You have ASYNC calls to MS SQL operation in your Business process, right?

Add sync elements immediately after them.

Serenji connects you directly to the code in your namespaces, resulting in an experience more familiar to existing Studio users. No need to export and import classes and routines.


Sure, there's a prebuilt docker container for that:

docker run -d -p 52773:52773 --name irispy intersystemscommunity/irispy-community:latest