Hi Community!

It's time to celebrate our 19 fellow members who took part in the latest Technical Article Contest: InterSystems IRIS Tutorials and wrote


Our judges mentioned that it was a very tough challenge to choose only three articles each because more deserved points. Despite it all, they persevered and now it's time to announce the winners!

Let's meet the winners and look at their articles:

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Hi Community,

We have some exciting news! It's time for the next InterSystems technical article writing competition!

✍️ Technical Article Contest: InterSystems IRIS Tutorials ✍️

Write an article that can be considered a tutorial for InterSystems IRIS programmers of any level: beginner / middle / senior from February 19th to March 17th. We've extended the submission deadline till the 24th of March!

🎁 Prizes for everyone: A special prize for each author participating in the competition!

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Hi Developers!

Here are the technology bonuses for the InterSystems FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability Programming Contest that will give you extra points in the voting:

  • InterSystems FHIR usage - 3
  • InterSystems FHIR SQL Builder usage - 3
  • Digital Health Interoperability - 4
  • LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 3
  • Embedded Python - 2
  • IRIS For Health Instruqt Survey - 2
  • Docker container usage - 2
  • IPM Package deployment - 2
  • Online Demo - 2
  • Implement InterSystems Community Idea - 4
  • Find a bug in InterSystems FHIR server - 2
  • Find a bug in InterSystems Interoperability - 2
  • New First Article on Developer Community - 2
  • New Second Article on Developer Community - 1
  • First Time Contribution - 3
  • Video on YouTube - 3

See the details below.<--break->

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Hello developers!

We are holding the first technical article contest on Japan's InterSystems Developer Community!

The first contest is a technical document writing contest, and you can submit any content related to the InterSystems IRIS/InterSystems IRIS for Health. (The article must be in Japanese.)

✍ InterSystems Japan Technical Document Writing Contest: Articles related to IRIS ✍

🎁 Participation prize: There will be a participation prize for everyone who submits an article for the contest.

🏆 Special prize: Authors of three selected works will receive special prizes.

Entering the contest is easy! Please post an article related to IRIS on the developer community during the period from Wednesday, September 6, 2023 to Monday, November 6, 2023.

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Hi Developers!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the
🏆 2nd Tech Article Contest on Chinese Developer Community🏆

From September 19 to November 24, 2023 (Beijing Time), we welcome you to contribute articles related to InterSystems technology.

🎁 Prize for Everyone: A special prize pack for each author who takes part in the contest.

🏆 Main Prizes: Apple AirPods Pro; Osprey Proxima Backpack; Home Office Pro Lap Desk; Sound Machine with Wireless Charger; JBL Pulse 5 Bluetooth Speaker; Sound Machine with Wireless Charger; Hammock InterSystems; Light Up Your Logo Charging Pad; InterSystems Developer Community Blanket

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Hi Community,

Let's meet together at the online meetup with the winners of the Grand Prix Contest 2023 – a great opportunity to have a discussion with the InterSystems Experts team as well as our contestants.

Winners' demo included!

Date & Time: Thursday, July 13, 11 am EDT | 5 pm CEST

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