André Rothe · Jun 22, 2017
Hash values of columns

I try to find a function, which generates hash values of columns. In MS SQL Server I can use

select hashbytes('sha2_256', my_column) ...

to create hash values of my_column. Is it possible to use such things in Caché?

Thank you

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Let's say I open a stream/file.

If it's not in UTF8 i need to call $ZCVT, and if it's already in UTF8, then I don't need to call $ZCVT.

Is there any way to determine character encoding for input stream/file?

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It is possible to update Cache object property from Python using the following Python code, with import of intersys.pythonbind3:


However, I am unable to save 2D %List with 2D Python array like the following:


I am not sure whether this is Python-Cache bind flaw or design issue. Is there any alternative/ workaround to do the same for above?

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Ruslan K · May 23, 2017
Toolbar with several lines of menu

In toolbar, by default, all items show on one line and when menu items do not fit on visible part of screen, invisible items hide and appear two buttons - last item and previous item.

I want, in that case, items, which do not fit on visible part of screen, go on second line. In other words, I want all items to be visible.

Is it possible to configure toolbar for behavior I want?


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I want to attach one local namespace on instance A to the database on instance B.

How could I use ECP to achieve my goal?

Should I config instance B as ECP data server? If so, how could I explicitly specify which database on instance B could be exposed ?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi all,

I have a non objectscript application connecting to a cache instance via ODBC and one column is a list of serial objects. The output from the query contains a lot of special characters and I'm hoping there's a better way to get this data back so I won't have to perform extensive parsing on the application side.

I've tried using the $ListToString() function, but that didn't help much, probably because the list contains complex objects rather than primitives. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Aditi Goswami · Jun 14, 2017
SQL Query for Range


I have a question related to running an SQL query for range of data.

I am running a query like:

Select A,B from table_name where A>=12345 AND A<=12390

 - Where A and B are my two of the properties under the mentioned table/class definition

- A is an integer property

 Question: The result of the above query does not return me all the values between the mentioned range of integer though I do have all the values in that range. I see that some of the values are missing in result.

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I am trying to design a RESTful service that takes a string (with control characters). Does something with that in the logic on the server, then returns a string, which may also have control characters.


Basically the string is a pharmacy claim in a delimited format that uses control characters for those delimiters. The logic on the server will pull the entire claim apart and process it.


I was thinking that a GET method could be uses but I'm used to sending content in JSON format and wondered what other normal RESTful ways there were to do this.

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Whenever I try to run a simple query on a production database table, I get a timeout 504 error. I'm using the SQL interface in Ensemble. One of the queries is a simple SELECT TOP 10. Even SELECT COUNT(*) gives a timeout. 

I have tried to run the SQL Runtime Statistics, but this gives me a timeout as well. 

Does anyone have an idea where I might look to find what is causing this? 


Thanks in advance, 

Best regards

Glenn van Bavel, 



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I only use Caché and CSP, I am making a simple request in CSP page with #call method, and I have to define a callback of this #call method, can I do this?

This is my simple request in CSP page (javascript):

            PainelBordoResource.prototype.obterIndicador = function(requisicaoParametros) {
                let retorno = #call(painelbordo.PainelBordoResource.obterIndicador(angular.toJson(requisicaoParametros)))#;
                return retorno;

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Unless I'm mistaken, 2017.1 doesn't appear to support RFC 7523 (JSON Web Token Profile for OAuth 2.0 Client Authentication and Authorization Grants).  Is that coming in 2017.2?

In order to support it in 2017.1, I'd have to override the OAuth 2.0 token endpoint to cater for the additional grant types - what's the best way to do this?



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Arockia Raj B · Jun 8, 2017
SQL Connect

How to simply going to get the value of the system language from ^%z?  Because  I got a problem, U2 context isn't setup while connecting the SQL Connect.

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Arockia Raj B · Jun 8, 2017
COS Expression

What is COS Expression? Is the related to SQL Expression?

Can you give a basic code or query related samples? If anyone give a sample, it's understanding easily.


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Hello experts,

I’m working on an "Sort After" (]]) bug that I traced back to some weird behavior in ObjectScript.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me…

The problem is as follows:

Let’s say we have:

Set A = “1.0”
Set B = “2.2”

If you execute the command ‘Sort After’ (]]), you get the following:

W A]]B

…Which is wrong, A does NOT sort after B.  The output should be 0.

If you set A and B to numeric values, it correctly outputs false (0):

set A = 1.0
set B = 2.2
​W A]]B


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Hi people,

I am migration my web application of Cache 2013 to Cache 2016, in Cache 2013 I have a integration with a Java aplication using Java Gateway mapping proxy classes and consuming a method that param is a object, and it works perfectly.

But in Cache 2016 this integration don't work, I send the param as object but Cache send as String with the ref of object...

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I'm unable to locate a set of instructions that would allow me to encrypt the traffic to/from the Cache' Management Portal (that is - run it over HTTPS)

I am referring to the Management portal as hosted by the private Apache Web server instance installed with Cache. (I know how to do this for regular web sites hosted on, for example, IIS).


I would imagine the steps would involve, (a) enable SSL on that apache instance and (b) deploy certificates into the Apache web server.

Does anyone have a step-by-step guide on how this is accomplished ?

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