Henrique Dias · Apr 20, 2021 2m read

ZPM Explorer

Hi Community,

@José Roberto Pereira and I want to introduce ZPM Explorer, our graphic interface to explorer the greats applications that we have inside InterSystems Package Manager.

The idea

ZPM Explorer's idea is to make it easier for people to find out what ZPM offers. Every week, every day, a new app joins the ZPM world, so why not help developers and non-developers take advantage of this incredible world?!

The application

ZPM is simple and powerful, so I tried to translate that simplicity into something simple to use, offering a powerful search to make it easier than ever to locate a specific application. Discovering new apps, finding new solutions with a simple click.

The main page of ZPM Explorer is a data table with the information provided by endpoint

The fields are:
- Name: The name of the application
- Description: Describing what the application does
- Repository: link for the Github repository
- Version: Current version of the application inside Package Manager

Installing new apps

The usage of the app is pretty straightforward.
1. Search the application that you are looking for
2. Select the application
3. Click on the Install button
4. Confirm
5. Done
6. Starting to make good use of it

Managing the installed apps

ZPM Explorer offers a page to manage the existent apps installed through ZPM.
You can update, delete and even use a helper to make it easier to create your own module.xml, especially the Dependencies tag.


If you liked the app and think we deserve your vote, please vote for zpm-explorer!

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I tested your application.  Great UI for ZPM!  

I think developers don't install this app to see existing packages in OEX.  
Because the OEX page allows to filter and see all apps with small descriptions.  
Also showing the list of installed packages, install, uninstall can be done very easily with ZPM commands.  

In my opinion, the real added value of this application is the usage with a private registry.  
Private registry users have not UI for ZPM and You developed it!  

I have a private ZPM registry and I'll use your app without hesitation If need a UI.  yes

Even it doesn't work on the deployment side you can check it locally in your IRIS container with ZPM using 

zpm "install zpm-explorer"

Or git clone the project and build the container

Hi @Muhammad Waseem 

Thanks for your interest in our project.

Unfortunately, the live demo it's available only during the contest period. 

But as @Evgeny Shvarov mentioned, you can install the application in your IRIS environment, clone the project and build the container.

If you need any help, let us know.

Best Regards,

How can one use this to look at self hosted registry?

Hi @Thomas Kotze 

Currently this is not possible.

But maybe some changes here may work for your needs. Try to replace the server address.

Let me know if it works.