· Dec 8, 2016

ZF(-1) and $ZF(-2) not working...


Thanks for your time.

Plain $ZF(-1) and $ZF(-2) calls from Cache Studio or Terminal have stopped launching the OS shell from Win10.

cmd (Windows Command Prompt) should be launched.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Ensemble 2016.2.0.585.0 Developer Edition x64

Is this common? I have enabled both %Developer role and a Cache CallOut privilege for all users that operate in this scenario.

In Terminal, W $ZF(-1) prints -1, W $ZF(-2) prints -1

In Studio, W $ZF(-1) hangs the IDE, W $ZF(-2) prints 0

In all four cases, cmd (Windows Command Prompt) is not launched!

Any ideas, anybody?

Thanks in advance. :-)

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   You should get a hang if you try '$zf(-1) from Studio, or any other connection method (JOB command, Telnet, CSP, etc) where the process is not directly associated with your Windows session.  The hang occurs because, in fact, a 'cmd' session is started, but no on your desktop, you can see it in Task Manager although it is difficult to identify there.  You should be able to execute a command that does no interact with the Windows session user however, for example 'w $ZF(-1,"dir > C:\Temp\Dir.txt")' should return 0 and result in creating the listing in the specified file assuming you have  privileges to do so.

   The fact you get a -1 back from terminal (a $io="|TRM|"* process) is a bit odd, I just tested and it works for me.   Does your user have the Windows rights required to run 'cmd'?  What happens if you right-click '[Windows Start] > [Run]' and enter the command 'cmd', does that work?  You may need to contact Support to further investigate this.


First of all thank you for your prompt reply. Yes cmd at the run dialog very much works on my system. The windows command processor opens. What I don't understand is why $ZF(-1) and $ZF(-2) sometimes work and sometimes don't work. Even though I have the privileges and ownership as required by the Win 10 OS. I can't believe that this is unique to me, because my Cache team had this irregularity with these two commands sometime back during a migration to 2016 version. I understand you can't replicate it or study it. I appreciate your effort to do so, but what I want to know is has anyone else faced a similar problem with Ensemble 2016 / Cache 2016, Windows 10 / Server 2012 / Server 2008 / 64 bit configuration? Thanks in advance for your responses. :-)