Eduard Lebedyuk · Dec 23, 2016

ZEN report - how to get bold header in displayxlsx $MODE

As stated, I have ZEN report, which I want to render in displayxlsx mode.

Currently it looks like this:

I want it to look like this:


Differences are:

  • Bold header
  • Cell width fitted to widest row or header

My report definition looks like this:

XData ReportDefinition [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<report xmlns=""
 sql="SELECT TOP 10 Name,DOB,Age FROM Sample.Person"
  <group name="Person">
   <attribute name="name" field="Name"/>
   <attribute name="dob" field="Dob"
   <attribute name="age" field="Age"/>

How can I get bold header and/or adequate cell width?

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What you want to do in ZEN Reports cannot be done in ZEN Reports.

You cannot create an Excel spreadsheet whose headers are bolded.

You cannot create a default width for a cell.