Rui Figueiredo · Aug 25, 2017

Zen Report - ErrorNo: 5540

I'm working on an existing Zen Report that uses queryClass/queryName to retrieve data using a class that has a Stored Procedure method. Which works fine.
I have created second class with a Stored Procedure method, I modified the zen report to use this class and now I'm having the following error.


Error: SQLCODE: -99 Message: User UnknownUser is not privileged for the operation
ErrorNo: 5540




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Looks like, you have configured some security settings. And you forgot to give permissions to the new class for user.

Can you advise where the security settings are found in Ensemble, so that we can see/give permissions?

Setups are managed in the Security subsection of the System Administration section of Portal.

Key documentation is at

Parts specifically relevant to SQL access to data include:

Hi John,

Thanks for that, was just what I was looking for!

Kind regards,