Zen Excel Report

Hello Everyone.

Sorry if it is a dumb question, but I'm new.

First: I have to create a Excel MultipleSheet Report. That I'm fine with doing.. but they want me to give every Workbook that is created it's unique reportName, that is generated with the user input on the page. Is it possible to do so?


Second: I saw when creating the report.. Everything is placed in it's own column.. Is it possible to have some of the values next to each other and some Beneath each other.. Example.. BusinessProcess, TransactionType and NumberOfSteps must be next to each other and Step1, Step2 and Step3 should be beneath each other.. Is it possible to have it like this..


Thanks in advance



I am not sure if this is correct Community you posted your question. Please, what InterSystems technology (Caché, Ensemble) do you use to create your Excel MultipleSheet Report?

We are using 2015.2.. If i understand you correctly.. 


Hope i'm on the right community..

Could you please provide some example how do you create an Excel report? What tools, what functions are used? Are you using Zen Reports?

I am sorry, I should read it more carefully, it is in the name of the topic - "Zen" Excel Report.

Regarding your first question:

You can use a runtime expression as the value of excelSheetName.  This is described in following documentation:


For example you can define property, which takes value from URL request:

Property SheetName As %String(ZENURL = "sheetname") [ InitialExpression = "Person" ];

And in the report definition:

<group name="Persons" excelSheetName='!..SheetName'
    sql="SELECT top 2 name,Home_City as city,age,dob from Sample.Person order by Home_City"

Then you call your report like:



Hi Tomas..

I see that the link and code you supplied are for the sheet name.. I'm fine with that, Thanks for the link though, But what I meant was, if the report Page opens, It gives you the save option right? They want me to Generate a name for the Entire Excel document.. I saw that you can say 

Parameter REPORTNAME = "ExcelReport";

But they want it to be generated with the userinput that is gathered in the zenPage that call's the ReportPage..