Stella Ticker · Nov 7, 2017

ZEN : Allow multiple date formats in a dateText control and converting them to the YYYY-MM-DD

There is  a finite list of date formats that users want to use to enter a date in a form. These formats include single digits for month and day and double digits for year.  The field is represented by a dateText control.

How would one get to allow a dateText control to accept multiple date formats ? I see only 3 listed here, do those include using single digits for month and day ?

I tried to set the value of format = "#(myPageProperty.myValue)# " but I got a compilation error in Studio so that went nowhere. Has anyone ever been able to set the format value depending on the user input value?

I am guessing that the control input value must be converted to the YYYY-MM-DD before validation. I am open to calling a javascript function to do that but where would be the best place to put it?



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