· Nov 25, 2022

WSDL SOAP service is creating web sessions leads to server down

Hi Friends,

I have created and exposed a web service for the given WSDL. 

daily 500+ requests are processed via this SOAP service in live.

after 2 days live server got stopped with no web sessions available.

We removed this SOAP service, now live is working fine. We are investigating why web sessions got increased.

Could you please give me any clue, as to why web sessions got increased with the unknown user while processing requests through SOAP service?



Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi @prashanth ponugoti 

Are you using the Private Webserver? If yes this can be the issue, because InterSystems don't recommends then use of Private Webserver in production environment. Bellow a snippet of documentation:


If you expect very low volume of HTTP traffic, have limited demands for high availability and secure operation, the private web server may be suitable for your development and testing needs. However, for production use, InterSystems recommends installing your own separate copy of Apache, ideally on its own server, and configuring it to use our Web Gateway to communicate with InterSystems products. If you expect a high amount of HTTP traffic, require high availability in your web server, need to integrate with other sources of web information, or need a high degree of control over your web server, you should not use the private web server.

See the documentation:  Application Use Of InterSystems Web Server

For production environment install a Webgateway in a separate machine/container if possible.

Installing the Web Gateway