Yunier Gonzalez · Oct 31, 2019

Working with Data: System in production

Greetings community. I would like to know how to migrate a BD in production to a local environment. When I have a system in production (BD Sql Server) what we do is mount a local copy to do the analysis with the data and not occupy resources of the system in production. My question is: How do you do it with Intersystems technology? I already tested the PowerBi connector and it looks great, but that's where the question came up.

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There are many ways to do what you need.

  • Export globals and code
  • Use ASYNC mirror or backup

Here's the questions you need to answer to choose the best path:

  • Is downtime OK or not?
  • Do you need a whole database or some part?
  • What's the size of your DB?
  • Are there mirrors/backups available?
  • Are your code/data in separate DBs?
  • Do you need to run the pipeline once or do you need to stay somewhat up to date?