· Dec 4, 2023

Winners of InterSystems Java Contest 2023

Hey Community,

It's time to announce the winners of the InterSystems Java Contest 2023

Thank you to all our amazing participants who submitted 13 applications 🔥 

Experts Nomination

🥇 1st place and $5,000 go to the presto-iris app by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

🥈 2nd place and $3,000 go to the iris-dmn app by @Alexey Nechaev

🥉 3rd place and $1,500 go to the iris-parquet app by @Yuri Marx

🏅 4th place and $750 go to the quiz-app app by @Andrii Mishchenko

🏅 5th place and $500 go to the StarChat app by @Anna Diak 

🌟 $100 go to the JIRISReport app by @Yuri Marx

🌟 $100 go to the InterLang app by @Zacchaeus Chok

🌟 $100 go to the fhir-pex app by @Flavio Neubauer

🌟 $100 go to the excel-java-iris app by @Oliver Wilms

🌟 $100 go to the native-api-command-line-java app by @Robert Cemper

All the applications are interesting and deserve the accolades. So it was quite hard for each of our experts to choose only 3 out of 13. That's why (and because it's the last contest of the year and we wish to spread the holiday spirit) it was decided to award all the applications that were submitted for the contest. We hope no one minds 😉 

🌟 $100 go to the java-global-editor app by @Robert Cemper

🌟 $100 go to the Image AI Creator app by @Yuri Marx

🌟 $100 go to the iris-extlanguage-openpdf app by @Nicki Vallentgoed

Community Nomination

🥇 1st place and $1,000 go to the presto-iris app by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

🥈 2nd place and $750 go to the StarChat app by @Anna Diak

🥉 3rd place and $500 go to the quiz-app app by @Andrii Mishchenko

🏅 4th place and $300 go to the fhir-pex app by @Flavio Neubauer

🏅 5th place and $200 go to the iris-dmn app by @Alexey Nechaev  

Our sincerest congratulations to all the participants and winners!

Join the fun next time ;)